Beautiful Langkawi, Malaysia

Around April 2010, I decided to bring my family for a mini vacation in Langkawi. We managed to book into MAS Airlines with a good deal, and a so so hotel.  Here is a picture of the beach. Ok, for those who knows me well, i actually dont really like the sun very much. *coughs* So i shamelessly, spent the entire 3 days 2 nights, hiding in the shade 😛

And i actually used an umbrella to walk the beach.

The view of the beach

We took some pictures around the hotel’s bay. Here is some pictures of my family.

Two important ladies in my life <3Lovely pic xoxoBeautiful Ladies :PBeautiful Ladies 🙂

We caught some pictures of tourist doing paragliding in big baloons:

Tourists enjoying themselves

Here are some picture of a beautiful sunset in Langkawi. We were having dinner and watching the sunset. Beautiful 🙂

Beginning of the Sunset

as the sunset matures, so mesmerizing 🙂

The next morning, we went for island hopping. It was only RM25 per pax. Really good deal for half a day activity.

All geared up

Another boat enroute to island hopping

Here are some of the photos I took during the island hopping.

Postcard perfect

We stopped by on one of the islands called Dayang Bunting. There is a lake in the middle of the island, where tourists can swim in the waters. i just soaked my feet and watched people 😛

The sign greetings us

Lake in the middle of Dayang Bunting Island

the climb up back to the beach

By the beach side, there were some monkeys. As usual, lots of monkey see monkey do…  lol

Monkey Business

The tour guide round up the island hopping by taking us to the eagle watching / feeding area.

Mighty Langkawi Eagle

Here is a picture of the rented car we took on. it was about RM200/- for 3 days use of the car.


On the way home, while we were waiting for our flight, it was raining cats and dogs. We were lucky, as we enjoyed 3 sunny days before the rain came 😛

Rain Rain Go Away...

All in all, we got a great vacation tan 😛


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