Jakarta Morning Traffic

I was lucky enough, to be posted to Jakarta for work. It has been about 1 year 1 month since I first got posted here. Ironically, this is my first article about Jakarta, as this is my last month here in Jakarta. For those who knows me personally, I’ve been talking about starting a travel blog for ages… and finally, I have decided that i must at least try. I think my blog is more of a photo essay, less words, more pictures. A picture paints a thousand words 🙂

I would like to share with you what i see, from Monday to Friday, as I travel to work.

Every morning, i need to make a U-Turn to get to the opposite road.

So, after the U-turn, this greets me on a daily basis. Jakartans are very friendly. Everyone comes out to send me off to work EVERY DAY.

Selamat Pagi Jakarta

Anyways, with laptop and i-pod, i can start working on some work related stuff and listen to music. Sometimes, i enjoy just watching what’s outside my car window. By the way, i would like to introduce you to my very kind and honest driver (Supir in Bahasa Indonesia), Pak Marimam.

The most patient driver i have ever met

As I was saying, I sometimes enjoy watching what’s outside my car window. Here are some photos:

If you need to get to a location in a hurry, Jakarta has a system of chauferred motorbikes, called Ojek. For a minimal fee of Rupiah 12,000 to 20,000 he can weave in and out of traffic and get you there on time.

Need to go to a place in a hurry, worry not, take an Ojek

And you really need not worry about breakfast, along the way, there are plenty of small food stalls called Kaki Lima that can cater to your breakfast needs. The picture below is a picture of an elderly lady that sells Nasi Uduk (in Malaysia, we call it Nasi Lemak).Breakfast for Champions.

Nasi Uduk

Or if you fancy Sio Mai or Bakmi?

Bakmi (noodles) or Sio Mai (fish dim sum)

Or fresh fruit…by the way, motorbikes are one of the major traffic congestion at the traffic lights :PAll fruits peeled & sliced

 Even if you need to top up credit into your pre-paid phone:

A variety of service provider all under one roof

 In Jakarta, in order to ease traffic congestion to some of the main commercial areas, the Government imposed a 3 in 1 ruling. This means, during peak hours (in the am & pm), in order to use certain roads, you need to have 3 people in the car min. Dont worry, there is the Jockey Service. I understand that its illegal though… For a fee of Rupiah 10,000 to Rupiah 20,000 you can get a “hitch hiker” into your car and pass by the 3 in 1 roads. Then you can drop the jockey off once you’ve exited the 3 in 1 roads.

In Jakarta, the public transportation system consists of trains, busways, Kopaja and Mikrolet. So far I’ve only been in a busway. Here is a photo of the Kopaja.

Air Conditioning not provided

And here is a picture of the bustop for the Busway. The passengers stand at an elevated platform to alight into the bus.

 Finally, I would like to share a picture about a scrap collector who brings his children to work. This picture makes me realize how lucky I am and i am very grateful for the life i have.

 This is my first photo essay, hopefully i managed to share with you something about what i see here in Jakarta. Have a great day 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janice
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 19:08:00

    Wow, there’s Ojek, Jockey for 3 in 1 roads, and elevated bustops… interesting…


  2. Lucia
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 22:50:36

    Thank you for sharing your blog (and for mentioning my name in it 😉 ! ). Interesting view of Jakarta. Can’t wait to read posts from your next trips!


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