Navi Girl

This is a picture of my baby girl Navi, when she was about 2 months old, drinking milk from a milk bottle. Her real mommy abandoned her or accidentally left Navi in front of our door steps. Well, what ever the reason is, my Mommy and I love her very much and hopefuly we’ve done a good job in raising her 🙂

The milk is all mine *meow*

Little Navi girl grew and changed color over time. We realized that she was actually a Siamese breed.

Navi watches me as i work lol

Navi girl falling asleep in my lap top bag…

zzzzzzz in kitty dreamland

Navi girl at 8 months old

Navi at 8 months

Navi girl at 1 year old

Rub my Tummy... *meow*


Navi girl getting a tummy rub from me 😛

Tummy rub time *purrrrs*


I love my Navi girl xoxo


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