Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Day 1

I decided to visit DMZ, out of respect & curiosity in Dec 2007. DMZ is made of the following main places to visit: Imjingak, 3rd tunnel, Dora Observatory, Odusan Unification Observatory. In most tourist guide books, they also mention about Unification Village, Freedom Village & Panmunjeom. However, i was told upon arrival… 😦 that these places required to pre-apply permission to visit. So here’s a fool’s proof breakdown of my visit. Any one who’s interested to go to DMZ on their own instead of following a tour package can use my travel itinerary as a guide.

Day 1 – Odusan Unification Observatory
Cheong Ju – Express bus to – Nambu Bus Station. At Nambu Subway Station, take the subway (line 3) all the way to the last station – DAEHWA. When you exit at exit 5, there’s a bus station. Wait there until you see a bus no 200.  Hop onto the bus & pay 1600won. I decided to go to Heyri Art Valley 1st, so i drop off at the 2nd last stop, Heyri. But if you are headed directly for the Odusan Unification Observatory, stop at Tong Il. Better yet, just tell the bus driver where you want to go, & the bus driver will announce that this is the stop for the Odusan. At Tong Il, there is a free shuttle bus to Odusan. Its the same way to go back into Seoul.


Home Bound Soldier

I met him on the train 😛 He was home bound, for a short holiday. I did not give him my number. End of story 🙂

Ok, back to the journey…. At Tong Il, wait for the free shuttle bus that looks like this:

Shuttle Bus


View from Bus


Almost reaching


The main building

The flow


Some notes


The following are pictures for the view from the Observatory Deck. It was a cloudy day…


Another view point


The below pix are of the man made maps depicting how North & South Korea is separated:

River that separates


Low Tide : 3km separated the North & South


Then, there is a small museum that shows how North Korea is, in terms of culture and how it looks like.

Traditional Outfit in North Korea


North Korea Class Room


North Korea house


The Leader


We are also allowed to leave messages / wishes. Luckily for me, i traveled with my Starpie blue fine point permanent marker 😛

North + South = Korea


Others where more creative, they came prepared & hung their artwork in the hall.

Rainbow wish




Then the tour of Odusan Observatory is almost coming to an end. Before you exit, you will see a few souvenir shops.



Next, when we exit, we are greeted by a large drum, called the Unification Drum.

The Unification Drum


Up close




Day 1 was coming to a close. It was something very new to me, and i would encourage everyone to visit DMZ if you have a chance.

Make love, not war.







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