Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Day 2

Day two – Imjingak, 3rd Tunnel & Dora Observatory (NEED PASSPORT)

Nambu Subway terminal (line 3) go to Chungmuro & switch to line 4 headed towards Seoul Station. Then, follow the arrows & walk towards KTX (Korea Train Express). You will take KORAIL headed towards Imjinggang. It will only cost you 2000won for the hour train ride.
When you reach Imjinggang (its the last stop anyway :P), you can either:
a) Tour Imjingak 1st (10 mins walk away… you can’t miss it). Here you can observe “the Iron Horse Wants to Run”… a train in the park symbolizing the rail way connecting North & South that was cut off during the Korean War in 1950. Also, you can observe quietly to show respect at the Mangbaedan, an alter for refugues to pay their respects to their ancestral graveyards. At the Freedom Bridge, a recently open for tourist spot …i guess it kinda’ symbolizes freedom to just walk over to the North side…. There is also the unification pond & Peace Bell. So Imjingak is more like an open air museum. The park also has many statues & monuments put up to thank America for Her contribution towards South Korea during the Korean War. Also, monuments to respect the fallen American Soldiers with their names on it.

Train Station


Inside the Korail


Outside my window




Vast land




View along the way


Other tourists



Military tank


A Shorter Monas


A Wall...

Peace Bell


Peace Bell, artwork on floor


Stones from all over the world







Articles to remember


Me at the Freedom Bridge


End of freedom bridge... what's on the other side...


Messages for freedom and unification

b) You buy a ticket at the DMZ tour counter for 11700won. (u can’t miss the counter). Then you go to the KORAIL counter & buy a return ticket to DORA station. You hop onto the train – 5 mins away only. Upon exit, you look for the bus station for the tour.

at the station, a short description


Foreigners must bring passport


The soldiers are not allowed to smile...


The “spot” near the station (red busses lining up)… & you hop onto one of them. The bus will take you to the 3rd Tunnel.
Here in the 3rd tunnel, strictly no photos allowed. They offer lockers for you to lock up your stuff so that you can take the tunnel ride with ease. You have to wear a helmet. Your head may knock against the walls of the tunnel as the tunnel is small. The guide is only in Korean… so i kinda guessed here & there la… anyway i read up before the trip so i knew what to do le… the train ride will take you to a platform, where you can walk the some parts of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, which is abruptly “ended”… we can see thru’ a small rectangular hole “the other side”… i could see more of the tunnel, yet there was moss, more green & it looked “untouched” for a long time.
On the display board, its written that no man has stepped foot beyond that point for 50 years. The tunnel is wet… has water dripping. Anyway, there is a tapped fountain … mountain spritzer anyone? i took some… tasted really fresh… the cool water ran down my throat & it was so fresh. I could not explain the feeling. It was like i was so thirsty & suddenly there’s water after a long long time…. then we take the train back to the top…

After that, we were ushered into a video viewing room which showed us a 7 minute documentary about DMZ… Now DMZ symbolizes FREEDOM & PEACE… not War. I cried when i watched the video… it was quite touching ok…

Note: Imjingak closes at 3pm. So i think it will be wise to do this 1st. I chose to do this last b’cos i arrived early… around 11am. so i did option b 1st instead.



Tix station for Tunnel Ride

In the bus


Arriving at Tunnel 3


Join the earth


The train that will take us into the tunnel


The tunnel opening

No pictures where allowed in the tunnel…

After that, we hopped onto the bus again & we were whisked away to DORA observatory.  Here is the only place in South Korea where we can see North Korea CLEARLY. I am not joking. Look thru’ the binoculars & you can see buildings built by the North Korea. I saw many of the buildings & even saw some people moving about. These buildings… i read in the internet was apparently originally built by North Korea to show South Koreans that South Korea was also “prosperous” la… ALSO a NO PICTURE ZONE…

As i peered through the binoculars, i saw, on the opposite end, North Korean soldiers, observing us through binoculars also… lol.

Then we hop back into the bus to go back to Imjingang. What i think: I think it made me realize that i am very lucky to be a Malaysian. Let’s not take the peace & harmony we have for granted.


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