Heyri Art Valley

In Dec 2007, I decided to go all the way to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) when i was posted to South Korea for work. As i Googled for more information, i discovered that on the way to the DMZ, there is a place called Hyeri Art Valley. I decided a detour would be good, as how often would i travel so near to the DMZ area.

I stayed in Cheong Ju, about an hour away from Seoul. So very early in the morning, around 6am, i took the 1st bus out, heading into Seoul. Then, i took a series of under ground train, to reach Daehwa (the last stop). It was about 9ish, when i got to the last stop. I walked out of the train station and looked for the bus stop to take another bus to Hyeri Art valley. To my much surprise and happiness, across the bus stop, i saw a Roti Boy store. As a Malaysian, Roti Boy is one of my favorite tea time snacks. Its a bread with coffee topping, baked to perfection. The smell alone will make anyone salivate. Of course, before i hop on the bus, i decided to have a cup of coffee and a roti boy 1st. It was opened by a Malaysian lady, married to a Korean man.

Opposite the Bus Stop, ROTI BOY πŸ™‚


Happy Bunny πŸ™‚


After warming up my belly a bit, I stood in line, waiting for bus no 200. I was very impressed, as the bus was very punctual. Almost like clock work.

Cool Female Bus Driver

The view

The bus ride took about 30 mins, and soon, the bus driver signaled to me to get off. lol. I think I had the “blur” look, consistently checking the road signs, versus the map lol.

Hyeri Art Valley

I really was not sure what to expect… but i was certainly curious πŸ™‚

Outside of of the Buildings

I realized that Hyeri Art Valley was a collection of a few buildings, each building dedicated to different art form, but mostly to cartoons and movies. Below are a few pictures i took. I was not a big fan of cartoons but, since i was there… lol.

Toy Display for sale

Darth Vader: Khooo Khooo Khooo

Cute she is πŸ˜›



Dinasour... lol

Marilyn Monroe

There were also a lot of the Japanese anime … sorry, was not a fan.Β  So i decided to see the children playground instead πŸ˜›


Giraffe !!!

My summary of this detour… unless you are a great fan of cartoons and Anime or even superhero movies, then, you can skip this πŸ™‚


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