Jakarta Morning Traffic, Part 2

Jakarta morning traffic Part 2: 11th August 2011.

Today was one of those days, when it took me almost 2 hours to reach work. I left home at 7:45am, reaching the office at 9:30am. Yes i was late. missed a telecom. My apologies. Usually it would only take between 15 to 30 mins for me to reach the office, but today, i guess it was special.

Even my lap top battery went dead on me. lol. Having my camera with me, was a good thing. I guess even the horse next to our car was not spared of the massive traffic jam…

There is Horse Lane in Jakarta


I guess it was a photo journey opportunity. I got a chance to drink in Jakarta morning, all it is glory. I turned to my left, and i was given an update on the air quality …

Chart 1






Chart 2










So i think we have nothing to worry about…. minus the haze…

One of the reasons the recent traffic jam (macet) is so bad, is that a few of the roads are closed out for a major construction, to build a highway in the sky. sorry, i forgot what is the right name for those time of highways in the sky… Fly over? mmm

Workers taking a nap

I was not able to get a good pix of the construction… but here is a pix of the workers taking a nap by the road side. I’ve seen these guys carry load that’s way too heavy, and these guys, are truly the heroes, they make things happen. They make sure construction goes on schedule.

Pak Mariam refill the petrol in the car twice a week. Today, was indeed special. While we waited inline, we saw the owner of the car in front of us, kept pushing his car.

Shaking car left to right helps pack in more petrol?

He was pushing his car from left to right, whilst the petrol attendant kept pumping petrol into his car. Apparently, according to Pak Marimam, this helps to pack in more petrol into the car. The petrol reaches every corner of the engine. No comments.

After 10 mins of traffic free ambiance, we were soon back into the traffic congested streets…


Inside - Busy texting

Inside - Catch some rest


I decided to try to capture some more pix of Kopaja and its passengers. While doing that, i caught one of the conductors asking his passengers to switch Kopajas. This was not well accepted by the passengers of course.

Change Kopaja

And here is a pix of another Kopaja conductor, with a wad of cash neatly folded in his hands. I guess its good business for Kopajas in Jakarta 🙂

CASH in hand


Well, i am glad its a Thursday… cause tomorrow will be a Friday, then at least during the weekend, i can avoid traffic jams, and actually reduce my carbon footprint for 2 days.

Have a good and productive Friday tomorrow everyone 🙂




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