My Fav 5 Reads Aug 2011

I’m enjoying my last weekend in Jakarta after a “busy” week. A friend came over for “couch surfing” and it was like seeing Jakarta all over again for me. I never get tired of the food, the immensely cheap entrance fees to amazing museums and of course the great service you get almost every where we went. I’ll write about that adventure in another article.

Now, i just want to share with you that i will write and share with you my fav 5 reads monthly. It can be a great book, or about a great article i read from one of my fav bloggers. It may not be published in Aug, but since i am relatively new myself, (new as in, newly following my fav bloggers), i discover this amazing collection of articles from their site’s archives…. and i really love to share them with all of you 🙂

By the way, GeorgiaLiveLaughLove > 500 readers since August 5th. Here, I’d like to say a heart-felt thank you to all my friends and fellow bloggers who come by this travel photo essay blog, and hopefully, i’ve inspired you to travel too. Cheers.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 reads in August. All this is thanks to the amazing travel bloggers listed here for taking their time to write & snap photos…

No1: 40 tips for Visiting Italy:

Why i like this article? I’ve been to Rome, Venice & Vatican City with my Mom in April 2007. Reading Kate’s tips, brought back all the memories of our 2 weeks in Italy. Enuff’ said 😛

Georgialivelaughlove: Vatican City


Mommy enjoying a "tea break" 😛


Finally, we found Chinese food in Venice 😛


No2: A BEAUTIFUL photo essay of Petra, Jordan by Ken

Why i LOVE it: Apart of the beautiful photography captures here by this incredibly talented Ken, looking at his photos made me decide that I SHALL VISIT PETRA. It made me so much more determined that Petra is certainly worth saving my money for.

no3: Roel is God sent. he documented his trip so well. A must read for nature lovers, photographers, penguin lovers and of course, Antarctica lovers 🙂

Why i think glaciers are awesome: I’ve shared with many that i’m determined to save money for my travels. One of my wish list is Antarctica. Many asked me… WHY? so cold… etc. Yes, exactly. I love snow, ice and anything cold. I stand corrected, except Vampires of course. I’ll take Jacob anytime. Team JACOB 😛

no4: Letter to a younger me.

My close friends already know that i am a big softie. i admit, i cried when i read this letter. I wished i could go back in time and tell a younger me the following (top 3 message to myself):

a) It’s ok to be unique and have all the vowels in my name: a, e, i, o u. Its GREEK. It’s too bad if your friends or teachers have no idea where Greece is. I myself am struggling to understand what happen, and its ok. 

b) Many many children out there grew up without a father. It does not make me any less, compared to anyone. It took me a long time to realize that. in fact, i think it made me stronger. What is my weakness, is also my strength. xoxo

c) I’d tell myself to take care of what i eat, less junk food please and more fresh fruits. I deserve a healthy body.

And, to round-up my fav 5, it’s an article from Wandering Earl on air turbulence

Why i think its relevant: I cringe every time the plane “drops”… butter flies in my tummy is to put it mildly. I truly “not look forward” to the flying part of travelling.

Disclaimer: I do not get paid / get any special advantage / benefits from reposting these travel bloggers links etc. Instead, i hope i can share with you these amazing stories… and hopefully, you get excited too. Let’s travel and make friends  🙂


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  1. Madhulika
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 20:24:37

    This is really gr8 stuff..njoyed reading it…:) keep it up…


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