Good to be Home

I’ve been quiet for the past few days, my apologies. I was rather busy packing, having farewell lunches and dinners, and handing over my work in Jakarta to my new amazing colleagues. Passing the baton over. I wish my packaging colleagues in Indonesia all the best, and good luck ūüėČ It was certainly my honor to work with you all and such a joy too.

Awww, i get a present too ūüėõ

(notice the empty plates *coughs* )

GSDO Indonesia - I love you guys ūüôā


My posting to Jakarta has come to an end. It’s been 1 year & 1 month, and i¬†am grateful for the experience. It gave me an opportunity to stay in a different country > 1 year ūüėõ he he… at least i¬†can check off one of the to do things in my 101 things in 1001 days. I am not sure if you all have heard about this 101 thing in 1001 days… but to me, its something like a new year’s resolution list, but i¬†guess, the good news is, you don’t have to wait till new year to generate this list. The link to my 101 things to do is below. We have basically 1001 days to complete the tasks. Again, for me, and for many others, this is not a competition, but more of your own journey.

So, the good news is I will be in Malaysia for some time to come… technically 1 month before my upcoming Europe trip. I am not sure whether i¬†should call it Europe trip as i¬†will only cover 4 courtries¬†(barely touch the surface in 22 days). In case you havent heard, i¬†am¬† covering parts of France, Switzerland, Belgium and Great Britain / United Kingdom. I’ve read about the difference between England, Great Britain and United Kingdom. *shy* i¬†forgot which is what… but basically, to be specific, i will be covering a lot of London, and then Bath… and nearby villages.

Since last Friday, i’ve has a few “breakfast for champions” meals. I admit, as good as Indonesian cuisine was, i was still very much in love with Malaysian food. It was very easy for me to have access to roti canai, tosai, nasi lemak, teh¬†tarik, kon low mee etc… all at a very affordable price. If you have read the link above, one of my to do list would be to eat fruits for breakfast 5 days in a row and another one would be to eat oats for breakfast 5 days in a row. YES. i shall, cause too much of a “good” thing, is also not so good “la”. I could eat my weekly required dosage of hawker food during the weekends. ha ha.

Soon, i¬†will share with you all more write ups about a few trips i made in Indonesia and also some new on Malaysian gastronomical feasts ūüôā

By the way, fyi, Malaysia will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri this week, from 30th to 31st August (if the sighting of the moon confirms it). If not, it will be from 31st August to 1st September 2011. Hari Raya marks the end of the fasting month Ramadan. 


Picture courtesy of Google

And, on 31st August, it is Malaysia’s Independence Day. It is our 54th year since 1957, when our 1st Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman declared our independence from the British. Happy Birthday Malaysia. Stay uniquely multi-racial. I love you very much ūüôā

Map of Malaysia

Map Courtesy of Google

Jalur Gemilang

Picture of flag courtesy of Google
For my Malaysian friends who will be driving home during this “balik¬†kampong” (back to home town), please drive safely. For the rest who will stay in Kuala¬†Lumpur¬†and enjoy the traffic free highways, see you all at the mega shopping malls ūüėõ He he,¬†it’s the Great¬†Malaysian sales now.¬†Have a great week ahead¬†every one. I wish you all a productive week ahead. Hugs.¬†

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