About Georgia

Hello, nice to meet you 🙂


















I hope that one day, I can tell people this is what I do for a living: I get paid to travel, snap pictures, post the pictures, write about the places, the people etc… Here is what i currently am doing: I work a 12 hour job, reads travel blogs during lunch time, and most of the time, secretly dreaming about living at the beautiful place the writer is talking about, secretly laughs at the writers jokes, and falls in love with the place, even without being there. All this thanks to the amazing writer & his or her pictures. So… this leads me to think… I have to start somewhere. I can write (I think), I can snap photos (I think) and, if I save a portion of my income, I can make travel a part of my life. Regularly.


Kissed by cheeky Naruto













This is where it begins, GeorgiaLiveLaughLove. I am doing this to chronicle my travels, take notes about the place, the people & the experience. In between my travels, when I am saving up for the next adventure, I shall look at these notes, these pictures, and it will motivate me to keep saving, to travel. Hopefully, it will motivate you too 🙂


My Mommy & I




















Family is important to me. Here is a picture of me with my Mommy dearest in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.


MIss Kitty in Boots 😛

I love animals, but i am more of a cat person. Here is a picture of my baby, my princess, my sweet adorable kitty Navi 🙂

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