Taman Safari, Cisarua

I love animals, so it would be very natural for me to seek out the local zoos or safaris during my posting to Indonesia. I must say, the management of the Taman Safari in Cisarua did a FANTASTIC job. I dare say that its one of the best safaris i have been to (versus the one in Melaka & Singapore). Sorry, but i am just stating my opinion.  Here is the full address for the Taman Safari:Jl. Raya Puncak No.601 , Cisarua Jawa Barat Bogor, Java , Indonesia. The contact number is 62 251 8250 000.

I am lucky enough to have visited this Taman Safari TWICE, both with my Malaysian friends who came by to visit. I was also practicing my Couch Surfing skills *coughs* http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/georgialivelaughlove Both times, i took many many many amazing and candid shots. I just want to keep this article short and sweet, and allow you all to enjoy the pictures instead. I really have > 500 pix… however, in this article i will just share a few of the best… 🙂

Taman Safari is a zoo like environment which has a good car safari trail that allows cars and tourist buses to see and feed elephants, zebras, goats, hippos and many more animals which i forgot the names… *shy* PLUS a BABY petting zoo. Along the way to the Taman safari, you will see many road side stalls, selling local produce like carrots & bananas. It’s good to support the local farmers and get you supply there. It’s about Rupiah 5000 per bundle and you can use it to feed the animals during the car safari trail. 

After the car safari trail, you can enjoy other animal shows. All are so good. Examples are  ‘Wild-Wild West’ the Lion show and the Sea-Lion Show. If you fancy an animal ride, you can ride the elephants and ponies. And, if you would like some souvenirs to remember by your trip, you can stop by at the souvenir shop. I bought a lot in both my visit to the shops. 😛

I HIGHLY recommend that you stay one night, so that you can go for the day safari and night safari. On both my trips there, we missed the night safari as we arrived late due to the unforgiving traffic heading to & from Puncak and Bogor… But, i know for sure, one day, i shall return and enjoy the night safari. If you stay overnight, you have a chance to stay inside the Taman Safari which has a variety of accommodations like chalets, caravans and a Buffolo shaped caravan. The Buffalo shaped caravan is only one… so you really need to book in advance 😛 For more information, you may surf this website: http://www.tamansafari.com/

Here are the pictures, a combination of my both trips there. I hope the pictures will convince you all to detour to Taman Safari if you are in Puncak or Bogor.

Map of Activity

This map is taken from the www.tamansafari.com

My Malaysian Friends 🙂


He he, the hippos know the routine well

At 9am sharp, when the gates open, you will have a bit of macet (traffic jam). Dont worry as soon, the cars will pace out slowly as different tourists stop at different spots at different duration of time. And the Taman Safari is big enough… so later, you wont even see too many cars.

Feeding begins

The animals like the zebras, goats etc are so used to tourists, they are all very well-behaved and know when to drop saliva into your car and make us laugh and scream. ha ha ha… they also love to leave lip stains on the windows… so it’s how they show affection 😛

Elephants up close 😛



Annabella feeding the camels 😛

i like this picture, like a pix in a pix as i managed to get my friend’s camera with photo inside

We like to move it move it 🙂


Mooning us 😛


Who shall i eat today?


Hey, move it. you are in the way of my tanning session


I use conditioners ... to achieve the Rod Steward look...


Beautifully majestic


We only eat organic bananas 😛


FEED me...

This hippo just opened his mouth while the cars drove by and we tried very hard to aim the carrots into his mouth… lol

I love you, i love you more

The following pictures are taken in the baby petting zoo… he he… i love them 🙂

My Navi girl was so jealous when she saw this pix 😛


Fyi, this naughty fellow peed on the next tourist lol


i was scared, but i love this pix

 The few pictures are pictures taken at the Dolphin show. We missed the show, but the Safari Rangers where so kind, and gave us a small private show after we took pictures and fed thedolphins 🙂

waaa, eat so fast one 😛


Kissed by cheeky Naruto 🙂 YayJustin & Naruto strutting their stuff

And the next 2 pictures are of me in the sourvenir shop, cant seem to stop buying lol 😛

Pls bring me home


Nice weekend day bag 🙂


Which one NOT to buy... spoilt for choices 😛

I hope you have enjoyed this articles and pictures as much as i’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. Thank you for reading and i hope i’ve convinced you to make a trip to Taman Safari Cisarua. Its much cheaper option than the one in Bali.
Take care 🙂 

A Busway Adventure

Last week, i hosted my friend and colleague Lee San in my apartment in Jakarta. I was practicing my couch surfing skills 😛 ( http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/gkaounis77 )… I think all in all, i was a good host 😛 ha ha, self praise is no praise.

Anyways, on Saturday, our Jakartan friends Lucia & Tobias took us out for sight-seeing day via the busway. We took the busway as it was so much easier, and not to mention cheaper means of travel in Jakarta. No traffic jam. No macet. No joke 🙂

The roof of the busway


The Climb ... ok ok the walk up



Where we are, and where we're going

Many may be surprised how green Jakarta really is. Yet, it’s still quite hazy due to the huge number of cars…

View from the busway bridge


Passengers leaving the bus


Passengers getting in


Picture time

The bus got more and more passengers as it drove on…..

Through the crowd

Overall, the busway is still a cheap & efficient way of getting around Jakarta. It was a bit hot as the crowd number increased…. but still, my verdict, a must try 🙂 You instantly meet locals and that’s the whole point of travelling.
By the way, we saw this guy with a SIX pack from the busway 😛

he he, this is what i call a 6 pack la 😛

So after the bus ride, where did we go? Ha ha, that’s for me to share on another day.
 Thank you for your time and i hope you’ve had a great start to your week 🙂 Have a great week ahead. cheers.

White Crater, Ciwedey

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih, or direct translation into English White Crater, is situated in Ciwedey, which is about a 2 hours drive from Bandung. Bandung is a popular shopping destinations for many Singaporeans, Malaysians and also Indonesians. This dormant volcano is located in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. It is about 2,300 from seawater level.
Kawah Putih 1856, Java-Album, Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn

An Aerial View

An aerial view from the NNW shows the two summit craters of Gunung Patuha volcano in the foreground​. Steep-wall​ed Taman Saat crater (left) is located NW of lake-fille​d Kawah Putih (right). The dashed circle at the middle left marks the Tugeslibde crater. Photo published in Taverne, 1926 “Vulkaanst​udien op Java,” (courtesy of Volcanolog​ical Survey of Indonesia)​.


I’ve personally been here twice, and the reason i would always recommend this place to my friends as one of the must see, if they are around Bandung is because, this is one of the most “uncommercialized” spots in Indonesia. Do not expect to buy any souvenirs here. This place has remained in its pristine self. Something that i appreciate.
On both occasions, my friends and I travelled early, leaving the hotel in Bandung at about 4:30am. We arrive in Kawah Putih at about 6 – 6:30am, depending on how fast you drive. The journey is not a boring one either, as you get to really see beautiful kampongs (villages) and stretches of padi fields on both left & right side of the roads. Not forgetting also, an occasional mule or cows. They get the right of way always.
Following are some of the photos i took. There is really no words to explain the serene beauty the place that Kawah Putih is. I choose to go early, so that i can capture pictures of the place without any “humans” lol. One point to take note though is to bring a bottle of water with you. The sulphuric volcano emits this sulphur gas, and it really makes out throat dry and uncomfy. Bring a mask if you can.

The gate


The crater is quite massive, and i try to show that via this picture 😛

Me by the edge of the White Crater


ok ok, i admit, i own 70% of the shadow 😛

I would recommend to go early for another reason, it gets hot fairly quickly with no shade… The fee to drive your car up is about 150,000 Rupiah. I read in other sites, sometimes the price changes.

Jakarta Day Lights

Good morning 🙂 It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Jakarta. I started my morning with a good long walk & rowing in the apartment’s gym. Since i snapped some photos of Jakarta Night Lights last night, I thought I’d share with you how it looks like in day light. These shots are taken from my apartment’s verandah.

Jakarta Day Lights

The booming economy is great for the local economy, but sometimes, i think, whether its good for the environment. Its been hazy most mornings. Visibility is low.

helicopter view of my apartment's facilities

No, no i was not on a helicopter. YET. lol. i looked down and took this picture.

Holland cemetary

Yes, my apartment view has a Holland cemetary. Its kinda’ beautiful. well at least to me, cause it’s so organized.
Thank you for reading. I wish you a great weekend. Cheers

Jakarta night lights

Recently I’ve been playing with my Sony DSC T77 features and setting, practicing for my trip in October. The reason I’ve been trying out all the settings is because i really want to capture the picture of a lifetime, everytime. I want to be able to look back at the pictures, and it will instantly bring me back to fascinating Paris or snowy Jungfraujoch.

Here are some of the pictures i took outside my verandah in my apartment. I stay on the 35th floor, so it gives me some form of vantage views… now i just need to play with the settings.


Jakarta is booming, construction every where


Same pix, different setting... an aha moment


Tall Round Moon

The moon was really round today. I wish i was a movie director, and I’d copy the 60ties style, where the moon is ridiculously big and next to my window 😛
Its my pleasure to share a little bit of Jakarta outside my window. Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.

Happy Birthday Indonesia

Happy Birthday Indonesia

Next week, on the 17th August 2011, Indonesia will be celebrating their 66th Independence 🙂 Happy Birthday Indonesia 🙂

Jakarta Morning Traffic, Part 2

Jakarta morning traffic Part 2: 11th August 2011.

Today was one of those days, when it took me almost 2 hours to reach work. I left home at 7:45am, reaching the office at 9:30am. Yes i was late. missed a telecom. My apologies. Usually it would only take between 15 to 30 mins for me to reach the office, but today, i guess it was special.

Even my lap top battery went dead on me. lol. Having my camera with me, was a good thing. I guess even the horse next to our car was not spared of the massive traffic jam…

There is Horse Lane in Jakarta


I guess it was a photo journey opportunity. I got a chance to drink in Jakarta morning, all it is glory. I turned to my left, and i was given an update on the air quality …

Chart 1






Chart 2










So i think we have nothing to worry about…. minus the haze…

One of the reasons the recent traffic jam (macet) is so bad, is that a few of the roads are closed out for a major construction, to build a highway in the sky. sorry, i forgot what is the right name for those time of highways in the sky… Fly over? mmm

Workers taking a nap

I was not able to get a good pix of the construction… but here is a pix of the workers taking a nap by the road side. I’ve seen these guys carry load that’s way too heavy, and these guys, are truly the heroes, they make things happen. They make sure construction goes on schedule.

Pak Mariam refill the petrol in the car twice a week. Today, was indeed special. While we waited inline, we saw the owner of the car in front of us, kept pushing his car.

Shaking car left to right helps pack in more petrol?

He was pushing his car from left to right, whilst the petrol attendant kept pumping petrol into his car. Apparently, according to Pak Marimam, this helps to pack in more petrol into the car. The petrol reaches every corner of the engine. No comments.

After 10 mins of traffic free ambiance, we were soon back into the traffic congested streets…


Inside - Busy texting

Inside - Catch some rest


I decided to try to capture some more pix of Kopaja and its passengers. While doing that, i caught one of the conductors asking his passengers to switch Kopajas. This was not well accepted by the passengers of course.

Change Kopaja

And here is a pix of another Kopaja conductor, with a wad of cash neatly folded in his hands. I guess its good business for Kopajas in Jakarta 🙂

CASH in hand


Well, i am glad its a Thursday… cause tomorrow will be a Friday, then at least during the weekend, i can avoid traffic jams, and actually reduce my carbon footprint for 2 days.

Have a good and productive Friday tomorrow everyone 🙂



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