Fish Head Noodles and more @ Goon Wah

Last week, my colleagues and I decided to venture out for lunch. We went to this “famous” fish head noodle restaurant, called Goon Wah, situated at Jalan Kuchai Lama. It was a highly recommended place to go for the fish head noodle. So we went. Ok, we were a bit late, and when we arrived, we were surprised by the long queue to get a table. Fish head noodle is well, a fish head, deep-fried, then served with fish soup, and lai fun (a type of noodles).

The Crowd


Everyone is waiting for a table



Most of the patrons will order and have desserts 1st, whilst waiting for the food. Goon Wah also serves other Chinese dishes, like Low Shi Fun (Rat noodle), chicken wings and Kow Yuk (something like 2 layer bbq pork…). While queueing for the table, we ordered all of the above except of the chicken wings (no place for it in our tummy lol).

Menu on the wall



Soon, we got out table… ok la, not so soon. About 20 mins later… However, I was informed, this place is worth the wait. The crowd seems to agree too 😛 Dessert was served first… we ordered the fu chuk yee mai (soya based deserts with Gingko) and the hoi tai ye (sea coconut).

Fu Chuk Yee Mai


Hoi Tai Ye

Not too long, our 1st dish came. the Low Shi Fun. ok ok… why its direct translation means rat noodles. lol. Basically, the shape of the noodles resemble the rat’s tail (or so i was told 😛 ). Anyways, the pictures will show a better story 😛

The kitchen where the magic happens


Served on a flaming wood holder


ha ha, does it look like the rat tails?

Verdict: This Low Shi Fun was SUPER delicious. Seriously good stuff. Andrew Zimmern will prefer this version of rat noodle i am sure 😛
Next was the fish head noodles…

Fried fish head dunked in fish soup

You can see all the fried pieces of the fish head noodles floating on top, soaking in the fish soup. The noodles are at the base of the pot.  
Verdict: well… honestly, I thought the Fish Head Noodles served here was so-so only. The soup seemed lacking in somthhing…..I’ve seriously tasted better.
However, we did ask for soup refill lol.

Fish soup + Evaporated milk = Fish head noodle soup

The demand for fish head noodle soup refill is quite common. Thus, this shop has a station solely meant for refills 🙂 Anyways, next our pork dish, Kow Yuk was soon served. Kou Yuk is like a 2 layer pork, cooked for long time, until the meat is tender. We eat it with a man tau (a type of Chinese buns)

Can you see the fat layer versus the meat layer 😛


to be used to soak up all the gravy and sandwich

We get to make a “sandwich” with the man tau… 
Verdict: unfortunately… it was also so-so…
Although, 2/3 of the main dishes were so-so only for us… we did managed to clean most of the plates very well 😛

All inside our tummy 😛

For the record, for the kow yuk, I ate the thin meaty section only 😛 The cost of the meal was around RM55.
Note: All pictures were taken with i-phone 4 🙂

Kon Low Mee and Wan Tans

I’ve been back home for a good 6 days before i got the opportunity to eat Kon Low Mee (Chinese noodles with dark soy sauce and comes with chunks of BBQ pork) with Wan Tans (prawn dumplings). So yesterday, my Mommy & I decided to make a trip to Kuala Lumpur. It was only a 20 mins bus ride from our home to Kuala Lumpur. The shop that we always frequent for really good authentic Kon Low Mee is opposite the Petaling Street. The name of the shop is called Lai Foong Coffee House.

Yummiest Kon Low Mee ever

Inside the coffee shop, there are 2 stalls, one is the Kon Low Mee (pix above) and the other is a Chicken Rice stall. I’ve never tried the chicken rice stall before… but if you are there, you will notice that almost 90% of the crowd is eating the Kon Low Mee. Therefore, i never really wanted to try the chicken rice next to it.
You place your order for the Kon Low Mee, they have an assortment of varieties, some with chicken feet (I don’t really fancy the feet), but if you are as huge fan, I’m pretty sure its good. You need to be very patient, as the crowd is huge, especially during lunch time. Your order may take up to 15 mins before its being served. My Mommy & I always go around 11am, so the office lunch crowd is not there yet. Yesterday was still a public replacement holiday, so the crowd was understandably smaller. Still, we had to wait a good 10 mins before it came 😛
So after you order your Kon Low Mee, you take a seat and while waiting, may as well get a drink….
Before you know it, the food arrives…

The wantans are special as it has a bit of salted fish inside

The wantans are really small, but its good.

Notice how shiny the noodles are 😛


Pun Fei Sau (Half fat half thin pork)

This is certainly a good meal for brunch, packed with calories 😛 I advice that we eat this type of food moderately, like once a week 😛 My verdict, its noodle portion is getting smaller, but at least the BBQ pork strips are same quantity & quality. Its GOOD. For 2 plates of Kon Low Mee and a bowl of Wan Tans, the cost is RM13/-

Notice the waiting line

Even on a replacement holiday, there is a queue for the Kon Low Mee. Those hanging meats are the good stuff, sliced BBQ pork that goes with the Kon Low Mee.
So, after an artery clogging brunch, we need something lighter, something to wash down the fatty flavors. We decided to have some traditional Chinese dessert which serves also as a medicinal effect. The shop is right next to the Petaling Street Gate. You can’t miss it.

Tradional Chinese Desert House

My Mommy adviced me to take the Kwai Lin Kou… in direct translation it means Turtle Year Cookie (lol).

No turtle was involved ...

It was believed that this black jelly in the bowl on the right was made from the shell of the turtle. However, I am not really sure… and apparently vegetarians can take them too. So I guess, no turtles were involved in the making of this herbal desert. We need to pour some of the sugar-water (in tea-pot on left) to give a sweeter taste to the jelly. However this is purely optional as some like the flavor as it is. So what are the benefits of eating Kwai Lin Kou? Mommy says its good for the skin wor… it seems i need this a lot lol. Cost per bowl is RM8. (wow… my skin better be better after this 😛 )
The dessert shop is designed to give you an over all ambience of traditional Chinese medicinal house. Here are some pictures of the shop 🙂



Large Pear Shaped barrels with Dragon mouth

These are used to store boiled herbal drinks which some can help reduce body heat….

Up Close with Dragon mouth


Dragon tiles on the ceiling

After a good brunch and a healthy dessert, we continued to explore Petaling Street 🙂 I’ll share that experience in a different article some time in the future. Thank you for your time 🙂

Good to be Home

I’ve been quiet for the past few days, my apologies. I was rather busy packing, having farewell lunches and dinners, and handing over my work in Jakarta to my new amazing colleagues. Passing the baton over. I wish my packaging colleagues in Indonesia all the best, and good luck 😉 It was certainly my honor to work with you all and such a joy too.

Awww, i get a present too 😛

(notice the empty plates *coughs* )

GSDO Indonesia - I love you guys 🙂


My posting to Jakarta has come to an end. It’s been 1 year & 1 month, and i am grateful for the experience. It gave me an opportunity to stay in a different country > 1 year 😛 he he… at least i can check off one of the to do things in my 101 things in 1001 days. I am not sure if you all have heard about this 101 thing in 1001 days… but to me, its something like a new year’s resolution list, but i guess, the good news is, you don’t have to wait till new year to generate this list. The link to my 101 things to do is below. We have basically 1001 days to complete the tasks. Again, for me, and for many others, this is not a competition, but more of your own journey.

So, the good news is I will be in Malaysia for some time to come… technically 1 month before my upcoming Europe trip. I am not sure whether i should call it Europe trip as i will only cover 4 courtries (barely touch the surface in 22 days). In case you havent heard, i am  covering parts of France, Switzerland, Belgium and Great Britain / United Kingdom. I’ve read about the difference between England, Great Britain and United Kingdom. *shy* i forgot which is what… but basically, to be specific, i will be covering a lot of London, and then Bath… and nearby villages.

Since last Friday, i’ve has a few “breakfast for champions” meals. I admit, as good as Indonesian cuisine was, i was still very much in love with Malaysian food. It was very easy for me to have access to roti canai, tosai, nasi lemak, teh tarik, kon low mee etc… all at a very affordable price. If you have read the link above, one of my to do list would be to eat fruits for breakfast 5 days in a row and another one would be to eat oats for breakfast 5 days in a row. YES. i shall, cause too much of a “good” thing, is also not so good “la”. I could eat my weekly required dosage of hawker food during the weekends. ha ha.

Soon, i will share with you all more write ups about a few trips i made in Indonesia and also some new on Malaysian gastronomical feasts 🙂

By the way, fyi, Malaysia will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri this week, from 30th to 31st August (if the sighting of the moon confirms it). If not, it will be from 31st August to 1st September 2011. Hari Raya marks the end of the fasting month Ramadan. 


Picture courtesy of Google

And, on 31st August, it is Malaysia’s Independence Day. It is our 54th year since 1957, when our 1st Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman declared our independence from the British. Happy Birthday Malaysia. Stay uniquely multi-racial. I love you very much 🙂

Map of Malaysia

Map Courtesy of Google

Jalur Gemilang

Picture of flag courtesy of Google
For my Malaysian friends who will be driving home during this “balik kampong” (back to home town), please drive safely. For the rest who will stay in Kuala Lumpur and enjoy the traffic free highways, see you all at the mega shopping malls 😛 He he, it’s the Great Malaysian sales now. Have a great week ahead every one. I wish you all a productive week ahead. Hugs. 

Beautiful Langkawi, Malaysia

Around April 2010, I decided to bring my family for a mini vacation in Langkawi. We managed to book into MAS Airlines with a good deal, and a so so hotel.  Here is a picture of the beach. Ok, for those who knows me well, i actually dont really like the sun very much. *coughs* So i shamelessly, spent the entire 3 days 2 nights, hiding in the shade 😛

And i actually used an umbrella to walk the beach.

The view of the beach

We took some pictures around the hotel’s bay. Here is some pictures of my family.

Two important ladies in my life <3Lovely pic xoxoBeautiful Ladies :PBeautiful Ladies 🙂

We caught some pictures of tourist doing paragliding in big baloons:

Tourists enjoying themselves

Here are some picture of a beautiful sunset in Langkawi. We were having dinner and watching the sunset. Beautiful 🙂

Beginning of the Sunset

as the sunset matures, so mesmerizing 🙂

The next morning, we went for island hopping. It was only RM25 per pax. Really good deal for half a day activity.

All geared up

Another boat enroute to island hopping

Here are some of the photos I took during the island hopping.

Postcard perfect

We stopped by on one of the islands called Dayang Bunting. There is a lake in the middle of the island, where tourists can swim in the waters. i just soaked my feet and watched people 😛

The sign greetings us

Lake in the middle of Dayang Bunting Island

the climb up back to the beach

By the beach side, there were some monkeys. As usual, lots of monkey see monkey do…  lol

Monkey Business

The tour guide round up the island hopping by taking us to the eagle watching / feeding area.

Mighty Langkawi Eagle

Here is a picture of the rented car we took on. it was about RM200/- for 3 days use of the car.


On the way home, while we were waiting for our flight, it was raining cats and dogs. We were lucky, as we enjoyed 3 sunny days before the rain came 😛

Rain Rain Go Away...

All in all, we got a great vacation tan 😛