KIVA Loan repay :)

I just wanted to share with all of you that my first KIVA loan that I made to a farmer in a country called Georgia (i wanted it to be special), just started repaying me back!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is absolutely awesome 🙂 I encourage all of you to consider lending in KIVA. Find out more about KIVA here:

Yippee 🙂


My Navi’s boo boo

Every time i go into our small store-room to put stuff, take stuff or arrange stuff, my Navi girl, would scurry inside. It’s the only room that she hasn’t the opportunity to explore fully, and she loves to try to fit inside the tiniest of space… Caught this photo of my Navi girl, trying to “squeeeeeeezeeee” into a space under the cabinet lol.

I gotta eat less lol

Navi seems to forget that she is growing … and these spaces are no longer able to be explored lol. Anyways it made me smile. Hopefully it made you smile too 🙂 Cheers

Navi Girl

This is a picture of my baby girl Navi, when she was about 2 months old, drinking milk from a milk bottle. Her real mommy abandoned her or accidentally left Navi in front of our door steps. Well, what ever the reason is, my Mommy and I love her very much and hopefuly we’ve done a good job in raising her 🙂

The milk is all mine *meow*

Little Navi girl grew and changed color over time. We realized that she was actually a Siamese breed.

Navi watches me as i work lol

Navi girl falling asleep in my lap top bag…

zzzzzzz in kitty dreamland

Navi girl at 8 months old

Navi at 8 months

Navi girl at 1 year old

Rub my Tummy... *meow*


Navi girl getting a tummy rub from me 😛

Tummy rub time *purrrrs*


I love my Navi girl xoxo

My First Passport Picture

I was born to travel 🙂

I had Steve Tyler Lips 😛

Mommy Kitty

My friend Lucia and Tobias took me to a local Museum in Jakarta. We saw this Mommy cat with her litter of kittens, she was very busy, feeding all her young kitties.