Kon Low Mee and Wan Tans

I’ve been back home for a good 6 days before i got the opportunity to eat Kon Low Mee (Chinese noodles with dark soy sauce and comes with chunks of BBQ pork) with Wan Tans (prawn dumplings). So yesterday, my Mommy & I decided to make a trip to Kuala Lumpur. It was only a 20 mins bus ride from our home to Kuala Lumpur. The shop that we always frequent for really good authentic Kon Low Mee is opposite the Petaling Street. The name of the shop is called Lai Foong Coffee House.

Yummiest Kon Low Mee ever

Inside the coffee shop, there are 2 stalls, one is the Kon Low Mee (pix above) and the other is a Chicken Rice stall. I’ve never tried the chicken rice stall before… but if you are there, you will notice that almost 90% of the crowd is eating the Kon Low Mee. Therefore, i never really wanted to try the chicken rice next to it.
You place your order for the Kon Low Mee, they have an assortment of varieties, some with chicken feet (I don’t really fancy the feet), but if you are as huge fan, I’m pretty sure its good. You need to be very patient, as the crowd is huge, especially during lunch time. Your order may take up to 15 mins before its being served. My Mommy & I always go around 11am, so the office lunch crowd is not there yet. Yesterday was still a public replacement holiday, so the crowd was understandably smaller. Still, we had to wait a good 10 mins before it came 😛
So after you order your Kon Low Mee, you take a seat and while waiting, may as well get a drink….
Before you know it, the food arrives…

The wantans are special as it has a bit of salted fish inside

The wantans are really small, but its good.

Notice how shiny the noodles are 😛


Pun Fei Sau (Half fat half thin pork)

This is certainly a good meal for brunch, packed with calories 😛 I advice that we eat this type of food moderately, like once a week 😛 My verdict, its noodle portion is getting smaller, but at least the BBQ pork strips are same quantity & quality. Its GOOD. For 2 plates of Kon Low Mee and a bowl of Wan Tans, the cost is RM13/-

Notice the waiting line

Even on a replacement holiday, there is a queue for the Kon Low Mee. Those hanging meats are the good stuff, sliced BBQ pork that goes with the Kon Low Mee.
So, after an artery clogging brunch, we need something lighter, something to wash down the fatty flavors. We decided to have some traditional Chinese dessert which serves also as a medicinal effect. The shop is right next to the Petaling Street Gate. You can’t miss it.

Tradional Chinese Desert House

My Mommy adviced me to take the Kwai Lin Kou… in direct translation it means Turtle Year Cookie (lol).

No turtle was involved ...

It was believed that this black jelly in the bowl on the right was made from the shell of the turtle. However, I am not really sure… and apparently vegetarians can take them too. So I guess, no turtles were involved in the making of this herbal desert. We need to pour some of the sugar-water (in tea-pot on left) to give a sweeter taste to the jelly. However this is purely optional as some like the flavor as it is. So what are the benefits of eating Kwai Lin Kou? Mommy says its good for the skin wor… it seems i need this a lot lol. Cost per bowl is RM8. (wow… my skin better be better after this 😛 )
The dessert shop is designed to give you an over all ambience of traditional Chinese medicinal house. Here are some pictures of the shop 🙂



Large Pear Shaped barrels with Dragon mouth

These are used to store boiled herbal drinks which some can help reduce body heat….

Up Close with Dragon mouth


Dragon tiles on the ceiling

After a good brunch and a healthy dessert, we continued to explore Petaling Street 🙂 I’ll share that experience in a different article some time in the future. Thank you for your time 🙂