Fish Head Noodles and more @ Goon Wah

Last week, my colleagues and I decided to venture out for lunch. We went to this “famous” fish head noodle restaurant, called Goon Wah, situated at Jalan Kuchai Lama. It was a highly recommended place to go for the fish head noodle. So we went. Ok, we were a bit late, and when we arrived, we were surprised by the long queue to get a table. Fish head noodle is well, a fish head, deep-fried, then served with fish soup, and lai fun (a type of noodles).

The Crowd


Everyone is waiting for a table



Most of the patrons will order and have desserts 1st, whilst waiting for the food. Goon Wah also serves other Chinese dishes, like Low Shi Fun (Rat noodle), chicken wings and Kow Yuk (something like 2 layer bbq pork…). While queueing for the table, we ordered all of the above except of the chicken wings (no place for it in our tummy lol).

Menu on the wall



Soon, we got out table… ok la, not so soon. About 20 mins later… However, I was informed, this place is worth the wait. The crowd seems to agree too 😛 Dessert was served first… we ordered the fu chuk yee mai (soya based deserts with Gingko) and the hoi tai ye (sea coconut).

Fu Chuk Yee Mai


Hoi Tai Ye

Not too long, our 1st dish came. the Low Shi Fun. ok ok… why its direct translation means rat noodles. lol. Basically, the shape of the noodles resemble the rat’s tail (or so i was told 😛 ). Anyways, the pictures will show a better story 😛

The kitchen where the magic happens


Served on a flaming wood holder


ha ha, does it look like the rat tails?

Verdict: This Low Shi Fun was SUPER delicious. Seriously good stuff. Andrew Zimmern will prefer this version of rat noodle i am sure 😛
Next was the fish head noodles…

Fried fish head dunked in fish soup

You can see all the fried pieces of the fish head noodles floating on top, soaking in the fish soup. The noodles are at the base of the pot.  
Verdict: well… honestly, I thought the Fish Head Noodles served here was so-so only. The soup seemed lacking in somthhing…..I’ve seriously tasted better.
However, we did ask for soup refill lol.

Fish soup + Evaporated milk = Fish head noodle soup

The demand for fish head noodle soup refill is quite common. Thus, this shop has a station solely meant for refills 🙂 Anyways, next our pork dish, Kow Yuk was soon served. Kou Yuk is like a 2 layer pork, cooked for long time, until the meat is tender. We eat it with a man tau (a type of Chinese buns)

Can you see the fat layer versus the meat layer 😛


to be used to soak up all the gravy and sandwich

We get to make a “sandwich” with the man tau… 
Verdict: unfortunately… it was also so-so…
Although, 2/3 of the main dishes were so-so only for us… we did managed to clean most of the plates very well 😛

All inside our tummy 😛

For the record, for the kow yuk, I ate the thin meaty section only 😛 The cost of the meal was around RM55.
Note: All pictures were taken with i-phone 4 🙂